Product info

MLM product – Dating membership

In join to Weekly collect MLM, you going be 50%/50% partner to invite the peoples from around the world to dating site.

Weekly dating, it’s the young site for dating, relationships, private and public dates and more in the near future.

To start earning well-deserved profits, you do not need a useless product that will be covered with dust and wait for the buyer.

You only join the dating site. You can flirt on the site and make acquaintances, in your free time.

You can also stay in the shadow of dating online. If you are already in a relationship and have a sweet couple. Not for any money no worth upsetting true love.

Your subscription on the dating site is limited in time. 1 month – 100 years.
During this time, you should notify about the dating site to as many people as possible.

Without looking back, you will be able to collect referrals who will also be with you on a dating site.

However, after 12:00 when your subscription has expired, your referrals will no longer bring you profit.
In the rainbow time, when your subscription is in business, your every referral will give you 50% of the membership purchase.

Free your head from analytics, make the necessary moves so that your referral link reaches the right destination and then the weekly dating turns to you in front and with ass to the forest.