Weekly collect marketing plan

A subscription to a dating site is considered a digital product, which means that it can be sold many times.
At the same time not bringing big expenses to the dating site.
Therefore, we can appoint any commission to partners.
It was decided to assign 50%, because submit a subscription, you contribute, as we have made quite a few efforts to raise the dating site.

So the site already has an interactive partnership program, which makes it earn by 10% -50%
You can get acquainted with the program on the website of the weekly.dating partner program http://weekly-dating.com

In general, our approach to promoting the site weekly.dating is based on the fact that:
Pay a lot, but from a profit and the profit will be more if you pay more.

Having opened the reward system through MLM, we gave people the opportunity to use the purchased product, subscribe to a dating site.
At the same time making a profit, a steady income from the activity.
Thereby people can go on dates and pay dates, parties, purchases from the same site where a partner was found.