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1. Use dating site

Choose a dating membership period from 1 month to Lifetime

You can be active in
Sending and receive messages

 Search couple or friends on site
 Using video chat
 Meet to date
 Save date in calendar
 Notify partner about saved date
 And more…

You can use your membership as a network product “MLM”
Especially suitable to married peoples
No important do conversations on dating site

2. Tell those who need dating

Invite them to the

A. Do a registration in the affiliate area on
B. Submit form to start MLM period – 50% commissions from referrals
C. Use the time to advertise your affiliate url

Think how easy it is to earn and earn a high income
From whom will you earn? From:

[: Your lonely friend
[: With whom there was a close relationship and you want to beautifully push the partner – Invite him to a dating site
[: Interested person whom you met
[: A carefree and rich persons
[: Those who have a lot of time on dating sites – no worse than others
[: Everyone from your social profile page
[: Place a banner or write article on web sites
[: People who want to get money like you – From referrals to MLM
Be creative and you can find no limit members be joined to Weekly collect MLM

Choose for you
If you want occasional earning
Or grow the maximum profit from dating site

3. Get payouts

Earning 50% from invited persons

50% from member purchased membership in your membership period